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Mel Kel in Cali

I don’t know how I get so behind in blogging, but I vow to keep this thing up to date on everything I do in Cali.

After my birthday weekend in Vegas, Mel Kel had 3 more nights in California. Sunday night we were still feeling good even after our long drive that day so we made it out to Hermosa beach. We went to baja sharkeez, a place that reminds me of seacrets only a lot smaller. But it is ALWAYS a party in there.


On Monday we went to Venice and I showed Melissa the lovely sites on the boardwalk. Venice is a place that I personally love and hate. It’s a place where all weirdos and homeless people go to hang out. You are sure to have a lot of good people watching. But I love it because the beach is beautiful, there are good bars and there is an awesome bike path. We rented some bikes and biked up to Santa Monica. Melissa got to see the Santa Monica pier and then we biked back to Venice. We took a look at the Venice canals from the car then headed back to my apartment. That night we were feeling exhausted and ended up staying in. Vegas was really starting to catch up with us!


On Tuesday we did a hollywood day. I was able to take Melissa on Hollywood blvd to see the stars, toured madam Tussaud’s wax museum, went to the Griffith observatory for sunset, saw the Hollywood sign and then went to an improv show. It was the ultimate Hollywood day!


We finally made it home from our jam packed day around midnight and had to wake up at 0400 to get Melissa to the airport.
I was sad to see her go back to Baltimore! It was so great to finally have one of my best friends in Cali! It reminded me if 2 things. 1, how nice it is living in Baltimore where I have a ton of friends and 2, how much nicer Cali would be if my best friends lived here!!
I guess you can’t have it all. But I’m just glad Melissa got to spend my birthday with me, see California and we both shared our first time in Vegas together!


Vegas Night 2

My birthday was the Saturday we were in Vegas! We woke up rather late given our 5:00 bedtime. Once we woke up, we had a special birthday lunch at Chipotle. By the time we got moving and had lunch it was time to get ready for concert night 2! This time, we were in about the 8th row but had aisle seats instead of right next to the stage. The seats were still incredible!! Pauly D was sitting about 8 rows behind us and some bachelor contestants were in our row.

DSC02980  20131103-153348.jpg




We weren’t in these seats for long but didn’t move far and spent the majority of the concert in the second seats we found. On the second night we saw Ke$ha, Paul McCartney, 30 seconds to mars, Drake, Miley Cyrus, Tim McGraw, Marron 5, Bruno Mars, Miguel and Zedd. We didn’t even know who thirty seconds to mars was but they ended up being our favorite and put on the best show! They had fortune cookie papers fall and huge balls which everyone hit around during their performance. It was soo fun! My favorite from this night was Bruno Mars, I just love him! He sounded awesome and put on a good show. Of course the ticket owners showed up just before Justin Timberlake came on so we really didn’t see him, but we heard him!






Fortunes from 30 seconds to mars performance




Miley.. She didn’t do anything ridiculous but her outfit was absurd


Adam Levine ❤ Maroon 5!!


Paul McCartney sat 4 rows behind us and Alex shook his hand!



Again, we ended up leaving the concert early but this time we didn’t make it out on the town. We knew we had an early wake up call and long boring drive back to Cali in the morning so I think it was the best choice. The next day we went to a bar to watch the ravens and completely forgot to bet on them!! I’m still kicking myself since the Texans were favored I think we would’ve won a decent amount of money. Oh well!!


NEW HAT Alex got me for my bday!

After the game we went to The Belagio then did some souvenirs shopping before embarking on our road trip to Cali.


The drive back felt like the longest drive ever but we finally made it! I CAN NOT wait to go back to Vegas and have some more awesome experiences. Being there for the concert was one of the best experiences of my life, but I’m pumped to go to the clubs and do some more gambling.

A tip for road trips: We listened to a comedy station on pandora for the drive back and it kept us laughing the whole way and made the drive a lot more enjoyable. Try it on your next road trip!