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Vegas for my birthday- night 1

On my bucket list of things to do in California, Vegas was probably #1. We were so lucky that Tom works for 1iota and we were able to get tickets as seat fillers to the I heart radio concert in Vegas! Even better, the concert fell on my birthday weekend. All I can say is, it was the second best birthday of my life! (The first was last year when Alex surprised me with skydiving in OC.) He sure does have a knack for making my birthdays verrry special!!

On our way to Vegas we stopped at the Hoover Dam to do a little sight seeing. I really didn’t know what to expect when I got there, so I was quite impressed. I kinda wish we had time to take one of the guided tours because I wanted to learn more about it rather than just see it. I guess I’ll have to google it at a later date to educate myself. It was awesome because when we first got there it was empty and by the time we were leaving we looked again and it was filling up! It really was a beautiful place to see.



Before with no water..


after the water was flowing

DSC02958 DSC02955

While the concerts were extremely long, they were worth every second. On our first night, We were able to sit in the 4th row right next to the stage to see some of our favorite bands. Now, I never thought I cared about where I sat at a concert until I had these seats. I don’t know if I can appreciate a concert again being in the nosebleeds. From the 4th row, we saw robin thicke, Keith urban, fun, p diddy. Eventually the people whose seats we were filling showed up and we were moved to higher ground. (Btw, can you imagine buying thousand dollar tickets for one of the best concerts of all time and not showing up until halfway through the concert?! Rich people can be so dumb.) From higher seats on the first night, we saw Elton John, Chris Brown, Muse, Tiesto and Benny Benassi. We did leave before Kitty purry and Queen came on, but I was OK with that.


Before the concert!








We ended up hanging around MGM grand until Tom and the 1iota boys got off. After they got off we headed to the hotel for a pregame and stayed out gambling until 5:00!! OMG, do I love Vegas?! I can not wait to get back!! Before I go again I’m saving a bunch of money to spend on gambling. I hated that I really didn’t have much leeway with my money and couldn’t really afford to lose much on this trip!


My first gambling win!


For the sake of this post getting way too long, I’m gonna recap night 2 at a later date!



Wine and cheese date night

A few weeks back I wanted to plan a budget friendly date night for Alex and I. I wanted to spend some quality time with him but knew that I didn’t really want to go out. I was craving a wine and cheese night, so I figured I would create an in apartment wine and cheese night. Of course I did a Google search and got some ideas from internet bloggers; most things they recommended were ideas that I already had.
I love surprises so I kept Alex in the dark. I headed to Trader Joe’s and picked up fresh bread, a box of assorted crackers and a few different types of cheese. To keep a nice variety I picked hard and soft cheeses. I got a variety pack of goat cheese which included plain, five pepper and garlic and herb, brie, Gouda and a dubliner Irish cheese. The Irish cheese came recommended from an employee at Trader Joe’s and it actually ended up being our least favorite. Of the other 3, we couldn’t pick our favorite because they were all so different!


Next I headed over to Bevmo and got 3 bottles of wine and they were having their awesome wine sale: buy one bottle get one for 5 cents! I got one bottle of white and two red. I also cut up some grapes and apples to pair with the cheese and crackers.


Alex loved the creative stay at home date night and we had such a great time! I definitely recommend this date night if you are trying to do something fun and inexpensive with your boyfriend!

(I had more pictures but remember that time my phone got stolen?! yea, my pics are gone with it! grr! still bitter)

Anyway, hope you have an awesome Wednesday!