Date day in LA

A few weeks ago, Alex and I decided to have a touristy date day in LA. Earlier in August, I signed us up for tickets to be part of a few studio audiences. The only one we ended up making it to was Chelsea Lately, on date day. We are kind of sick of being in the audience for TV shows, it’s a bunch of forced laughter and clapping and there is no celebrity I care about enough to see in person. The Chelsea Lately show was really short which was good because I’ve complained about other shows being too long before. But the waiting in line and seating process was 5x longer than the show itself which didn’t make it seem worth it to me.

While waiting in line for the Chelsea Lately show, Ross Mathews was going through the line interviewing people. We knew someone famous was coming because the girls next to us were freaking out. Alex and I had no idea what his name was but I did recognize him from Chelsea’s show. I looked at Alex and said “I hope to God he doesn’t talk to me.” What do you know, he passes right by the girls who are so excited next to us and comes right to me and says “I like your braid!!” So of course I had to talk back. He wanted to hear some celebrity impersonations so I directed him to Alex. He ended up coming back and talking to us 2 more times. He has a new TV show on E! (link above) that started on September 6th. I didn’t watch the first episode so I’m not sure if we made the cut, but if you happen to see the show and I’m on there, let me know!

After the show we were starving and we have been wanting to try Korean BBQ. So we headed to a place a few minutes away from the show. We weren’t sure what to order but luckily the waitress was very helpful and led us in the right direction. You get 25 side dishes with your meal! (those little white bowls.) It also came with 2 meat choices, steamed egg, tofu soup, salad and rice noodles. The meat was awesome! My favorite was beef bulgogi and I really liked the rice noodles as well. I’ve had both of those dishes home made from a friend who I worked with at Mercy. I just might have to attempt to make them both at home myself.




The next thing we knew wanted to do was see an improv show, but we had a ton of time to kill between dinner and then. So we headed to Rodeo drive. I’ve driven through a few times but I have never gotten out of the car. This time we parked and it was neat to go in to all the high end stores. We just strolled around and then had some ice cream and a cupcake! Yum!!



After our time on Rodeo drive, we decided to check out the Hollywood sign at night. It looked awesome! I’m really glad we got a chance to check that out. I’ve seen it multiple times during the day but it was even cooler at night!



After our sightseeing excursions we headed to a bar next to the improv theater where Alex’s friend met us for a drink. Then we headed over to UCB to see a show called bangarang. A few of the people in the show have been auditioning for SNL and they are HILARIOUS! We laughed so hard, I love every minute of improv!

We are actually hoping to see Bangarang again tonight! Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!!


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