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Denver ups and downs

The city of Denver was awesome, and I’d really like to go back. BUT this was one of those trips that by 3 days in, I was ready for it to be over. I looked at Alex and said “I can’t wait to go home!” If you would’ve told me before the trip that’s how I’d be thinking during the trip, I’d never believe you! So, to help you understand, I’ve decided to compile a list of the ups and downs of Denver.


1. Seeing an away Ravens Game and experiencing a new stadium. Sports authority field was awesome and we had a blast with all the fellow Ravens fans at the tailgate.







2. Finding out on our first day in Denver that some friends from Baltimore were in town for the game. Little Cigs (aka John) is one of Alex’s friends from CHC and they worked together at the Hobbit. Also, I met 2 of the guys lil cigs was in Denver with when I was home in Baltimore on 4th of July and it was cool to see them again!


3. Catching up with friends we hadn’t seen in a while. Alex’s friend Greg lives in Denver and was at the tailgate. And Eric, Teresa’s cousin who I met on the cruise came to the tailgate as well.



4. The weather! I was sweating so much, but I loved every second of that 90 degree heat! I’ve been missing HOT weather here in California.

5. Going to the Coors brewery. It was a self guided tour and at the end you got 3 free samples, regular size beers at that! We got some souvenirs and it was cool to see Golden, a small town by Denver.







5. Thanks to a recommendation from Eric, going to comedy works and seeing Mike Birbiglia. Seriously, if you ever get the chance to see this guy, do it! Alex and I laughed so hard we were crying. And we laughed pretty much the entire time. He was HILARIOUS!



6. Discovering awesome bars that need to make their way to the area where I live. The first was called The 1up, it was a bar full of old time video games like ski ball, frogger, pac man, big buck hunter and our favorite, group pac man! It was seriously one of the coolest bars ever! (but it was really hot in there, no AC!) AND the games were only 25 cents each to play! Just like the good ole days. After The 1up we went to a rooftop bar by the Rockies stadium. There were a few bars in that vicinity that were completely open rooftop bars. It was so fun, I loved being outside! And the DJ was the best DJ Alex and I have ever heard in our life. Quick side note, did you know the Rockies color is purple and The Bronco’s is orange? the same colors as Baltimore sports, but for opposite teams. It got quite confusing!


1. The place we stayed was less than stellar. I found a room on airbnb and it wasn’t that great. I’ve heard great things about airbnb and it’s a cheap way to be able to travel to new places. I’ve even recommended it to two people who hadn’t heard of it before and they loved it! We picked the wrong place, I guess. The house was in a sketchy neighborhood and I didn’t feel very safe. The guys who lived there were up at 7 am every day stomping around like elephants on the wood floors above is. There were goats in the backyard so the room was infested with flies. And to top it off, there was no AC! (remember that 90 degree heat I was telling you about?! yea, I lied.. I didn’t love it during the seconds I was sleeping.)

2. Losing opening game, at an away field. I can be a bit of a negative Nancy when it comes to the Ravens so the fact that we lost the game and it was on the second day was not a very good start to the trip. It just put a sour taste in my mouth. The heckling after the game wasn’t too bad but it was enough to put me in a pretty terrible mood.

3. At the end of an awesome night in Denver (comedy show, 1up and rooftop bar with best DJ ever) I got pick pocketed and my Iphone was stolen out of my purse. UGHH! Just typing it again makes me so angry/want to cry. That dumbass cost me almost $400.

4. Alex had to work while we were in Denver. We ended up getting a rental car, which was clutch but we had to use it to drive Alex to and from Whole Foods and it kind of stopped us from being able to do certain things and sight see. Plus, he didn’t get to experience too much of Denver.

5. Alex (who already didn’t get to see much of Denver) got a stomach bug and was sick for an entire day and night.

6. We didn’t get to see much of the natural beauty of Colorado. I don’t know if it was poor planning or what, but I’m really regretting that.

As you can see, it was kind of a weird trip with a lot of good and bad things going on. The ups of the trip were really really awesome, and I am very thankful that I have a job and lifestyle that allows me to travel. But this trip had a tad too many negative things going on with it! I’d say I definitely need to get back to Denver and give it another shot!

NOW.. One of my best friends from high school, Melissa is coming to visit me and she gets here at 10 pm tonight!! I am sooo excited!! We are headed to Vegas tomorrow for my 25th Birthday weekend and the I HEART RADIO MUSIC FESTIVAL!! We are all beyond pumped right now! Never in a million years would I have thought that’s what I’d be doing for my 25th birthday! I can not wait to celebrate and I am hoping & praying that this trip has no downs. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win big in Vegas! 😉

Happy Thursday, I hope you have a great weekend!!




Date day in LA

A few weeks ago, Alex and I decided to have a touristy date day in LA. Earlier in August, I signed us up for tickets to be part of a few studio audiences. The only one we ended up making it to was Chelsea Lately, on date day. We are kind of sick of being in the audience for TV shows, it’s a bunch of forced laughter and clapping and there is no celebrity I care about enough to see in person. The Chelsea Lately show was really short which was good because I’ve complained about other shows being too long before. But the waiting in line and seating process was 5x longer than the show itself which didn’t make it seem worth it to me.

While waiting in line for the Chelsea Lately show, Ross Mathews was going through the line interviewing people. We knew someone famous was coming because the girls next to us were freaking out. Alex and I had no idea what his name was but I did recognize him from Chelsea’s show. I looked at Alex and said “I hope to God he doesn’t talk to me.” What do you know, he passes right by the girls who are so excited next to us and comes right to me and says “I like your braid!!” So of course I had to talk back. He wanted to hear some celebrity impersonations so I directed him to Alex. He ended up coming back and talking to us 2 more times. He has a new TV show on E! (link above) that started on September 6th. I didn’t watch the first episode so I’m not sure if we made the cut, but if you happen to see the show and I’m on there, let me know!

After the show we were starving and we have been wanting to try Korean BBQ. So we headed to a place a few minutes away from the show. We weren’t sure what to order but luckily the waitress was very helpful and led us in the right direction. You get 25 side dishes with your meal! (those little white bowls.) It also came with 2 meat choices, steamed egg, tofu soup, salad and rice noodles. The meat was awesome! My favorite was beef bulgogi and I really liked the rice noodles as well. I’ve had both of those dishes home made from a friend who I worked with at Mercy. I just might have to attempt to make them both at home myself.




The next thing we knew wanted to do was see an improv show, but we had a ton of time to kill between dinner and then. So we headed to Rodeo drive. I’ve driven through a few times but I have never gotten out of the car. This time we parked and it was neat to go in to all the high end stores. We just strolled around and then had some ice cream and a cupcake! Yum!!



After our time on Rodeo drive, we decided to check out the Hollywood sign at night. It looked awesome! I’m really glad we got a chance to check that out. I’ve seen it multiple times during the day but it was even cooler at night!



After our sightseeing excursions we headed to a bar next to the improv theater where Alex’s friend met us for a drink. Then we headed over to UCB to see a show called bangarang. A few of the people in the show have been auditioning for SNL and they are HILARIOUS! We laughed so hard, I love every minute of improv!

We are actually hoping to see Bangarang again tonight! Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!!