Santa Monica Pier Concert

A few weeks ago, Tom invited us to go to a pier concert in Santa Monica. Unfortunately, I had work so I wasn’t able to make it. Since I am usually looking for new things to try out here, I did a google search to see what the Pier concert was all about. The pier concert is held on the Santa Monica pier every thursday from July-September. It is sponsored by myspace and completely free to the public. We were able to secure parking online before we left and that is pretty much the only thing you have to worry about. Well, that and what kind of food and drinks we wanted while we were there.



The concert is held on the pier, but the majority of people hang out on the beach next to the pier. They have a screen set up so you can still see the band and you can hear them too. There was a beer garden and plenty of food trucks. I could not believe how many people were there, the beach was packed!





Megan and I made a few treats including snickers dip, which was awesome and you should make it. We used pretzels and teddy grahams to dip in it. And we sipped on some mixed drinks as well. I couldn’t help but think how cool it would be if they would hold free beach concerts like this in OCMD.


We got to the concert at about 6:30 and stayed til about 9:30. When we left, the music was still going and the beach goers were still partying. It was a fun night and I would like to go back again. We may just keep it local and go to one of the beach concerts near where we live.


Hope you have an awesome week!

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