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Santa Monica Pier Concert

A few weeks ago, Tom invited us to go to a pier concert in Santa Monica. Unfortunately, I had work so I wasn’t able to make it. Since I am usually looking for new things to try out here, I did a google search to see what the Pier concert was all about. The pier concert is held on the Santa Monica pier every thursday from July-September. It is sponsored by myspace and completely free to the public. We were able to secure parking online before we left and that is pretty much the only thing you have to worry about. Well, that and what kind of food and drinks we wanted while we were there.



The concert is held on the pier, but the majority of people hang out on the beach next to the pier. They have a screen set up so you can still see the band and you can hear them too. There was a beer garden and plenty of food trucks. I could not believe how many people were there, the beach was packed!





Megan and I made a few treats including snickers dip, which was awesome and you should make it. We used pretzels and teddy grahams to dip in it. And we sipped on some mixed drinks as well. I couldn’t help but think how cool it would be if they would hold free beach concerts like this in OCMD.


We got to the concert at about 6:30 and stayed til about 9:30. When we left, the music was still going and the beach goers were still partying. It was a fun night and I would like to go back again. We may just keep it local and go to one of the beach concerts near where we live.


Hope you have an awesome week!

My First Macaron

I don’t know about you, but before last week I had never eaten a macaron! It all started when we were in whole foods browsing the glorious bakery. I saw the macarons and really wanted to try one, but thought they were a bit pricey. ($1.89/cookie) So we passed on them and left without any sweet treats.

Later that night, Alex and I went to dinner at a restaurant by his house. When the server offered a dessert menu, we quickly passed. We didn’t want to go home just yet, but weren’t sure what we should do. Somehow, the macarons were back in my head and I remembered a famous place in downtown LA, known for their macarons. I had recently seen another blogger go there and I knew one of my sorority sisters went there on her last trip to LA. So, I looked the place up on the blog and we headed downtown. 

The place is called Bottega Louie, It’s also a restaurant and it’s known for all of it’s decadent desserts, not just macarons. These little cookies were more expensive than the macarons at whole foods, but after my first bite I knew every dollar was worth it! (5 macarons=$12)



We got 2 salted caramel, 2 vanilla and 1 strawberry. Each one was better than the next but I think the vanilla was my favorite. It came right from the refrigerator and the center cream was still cool. MMM! I am dying to get back and get some more. I think that half the cost we payed went towards the cute little box that these cookies came in. I saved it for later use.



If you ever get to LA you should definitely check out Bottega Louie for some macaroons. And if you haven’t had a macaron at all, you need to try one! I didn’t know what all the hype was about until I had one and now I completely get it.


Hope you’re having a great week!

O’s Game in San Diego


It’s so fun to visit other baseball stadiums, so when we realized that the O’s were back in California, we made it a priority to get to one of the games. They were playing in San Fran and San Diego. Don’t get me wrong, I’m dying to get to San Francisco but I wasn’t willing to drive 8 hours to see the Orioles play. So we decided to head south to San Diego.

This time we had some company, my roommate Megan and our friend Michael who is also from Baltimore came along with us. We left LA around 2:00 and got in to SD around 5. While we were driving, we found a cheap hotel to stay at for the night. (I don’t know what we did before smart phones!) We pregamed there for a bit then headed to the stadium because we wanted to get some food before the game started.



One of my favorite things about going to away games is you get super close to the bullpen. We were able to see Wieters and some pitchers practicing before the game, which was pretty sweet.


It was pretty awesome how many Oriole fans were at the game, and you could definitely hear the ‘O’ loud and clear during the national anthem. Unfortunately, we did have some hecklers behind us this time. They were making fun of us over stupid things. But of course when the game was officially over the kid was nowhere to be found because WE WON. I hate stupid people like that, especially cowards like that kid. I never talk $#!* to people during sports games because you never know what the end result will be. However, if the game is over and we have won, then I may become a little feisty!




After the game, we wanted to go out in the Gaslamp district, which is downtown San Diego neighborhood with lots of nightlife. We were walking in the same direction as everyone else when we randomly ran in to my Dad’s best friends son and one of my friends from high school, Ryan Coster. He lives in San Diego, but I just could not believe that we happened to run into him! We also met his gf and they took us to a cool bar around the corner. Ryan also went to Calvert Hall so he and Alex were chatting it up and we caught up on California living. The bar was packed and it was a really fun time! They had dancing, which is my favorite. We stayed out til about midnight then headed back to our shabby hotel room.






The next morning we headed to a restaurant in Mission beach, which was right on the boardwalk. We had a lot of laughs and Michael played this game that we all love! He asks a question such as “what’s your favorite holiday?” or “what’s your favorite movie?” and everyone has to answer. It’s such a fun way to get to know each other. Plus, every conversation with Michael and Alex is hilarious because they feed off each other very well.
After lunch, we headed back to LA. I’d like to head back to SD at least one more time to get to Sea World, we will see if that happens!
Happy Saturday, hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂

New home

When I first moved back to Cali, I was living with Alex for a few weeks. I really wanted this living situation to be permanent because it was dirt cheap and I have a ton of loans to pay off. After working my first weekend while living in house, I changed my mind. Let’s just say his house doesn’t provide the best sleeping environment during the day time on the weekends.

Lucky for me, my friend and former coworker, Megan was moving out to Cali to do travel nursing as well. So, I was now on the hunt for somewhere for us to live. We couldn’t decide if we should take housing that is offered through our company or find our own. We both knew we wanted to save some money and usually finding your own is the best way to do that. However, finding good housing for just 3 months is nearly impossible so we ended up taking housing through the company. We still get to save a decent amount AND they furnish it for us so we didn’t have to worry about the stress of furnishing an entire apartment. (The furnishings are just the essentials so it still looks a little bare, but it works for us!)


Cute and cozy kitchen20130816-130911.jpgDining area


living room, a little bare


Megan’s bathroom


Megan’s bedroom


My bedroom


My bathroom


My closet


hot tub!


Pool and community grills (I love grilling!)

I am so thrilled with my decision to move out of Alex’s house. It is nice to have my own (huge) space and to be able to sleep all day without distractions. I also felt like somewhat of a burden there because they had to be quiet while I was sleeping during the day. This turned out to be the best situation.

AND best of all, I now have a friend that’s a girl in Cali! In addition to living with Megan, we are going to be working together on the same unit at Little Company of Mary. SO exciting!

I hope you all have a great weekend!! While your weekends are just getting started, my work week is just beginning! 😦  BUT at the end of my 3 nights, we have something fun and delicious planned for Monday!

1 year with the coolest kid I know

So, I got back to Cali just in time to celebrate my 1 year anniversary with Alex. He had a little surprise in store for me, I just had to make sure I had off for Tuesday & Wednesday of that week. I knew we weren’t going far, but I had no idea where we were going! I was so excited because I love, love surprises!

We hopped on the 405 and headed south towards Long Beach, which is about 1/2 hour away. Our end destination was the Queen Mary in Long Beach. The Queen Mary is a retired ocean liner that sailed primarily in the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967. It is now docked at a pier and has been transformed in to a hotel. The boat is supposed to be haunted, but we didn’t notice any paranormal activity. The ship offers ghost tours and regular boat tours for a small price, but we didn’t participate in any of those.






We arrived in Long Beach around 3:00 on Tuesday and we really wanted to go stand up paddle-boarding. Our dreams were crushed when we got there because it was soo windy! I’ve never been SUPing but I knew it would be enough of a challenge without the wind so we decided not to go on this particular day. We opted for a double kayak instead. That way I could relax and have Alex do most of the work! 😉 I did help SOME! It took me back to my Greece trip where I had the worst experience with kayaking against the current and wind. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any sweet pics of us in our life jackets. But after kayaking we hung out on the beach for a bit.



This water is wayy warmer than OC water was when I was home! and there were a TON of kite boarders out that day as you can see in the background.

After our time on the water and at the beach we headed to the Queen Mary ship. Our estate room was quite nice as you can see below! I LOVE me a king sized bed! We showered up and got ready for happy hour followed by dinner. We had such a good time at happy hour just talking about life and the last year. We worked up a huge appetite by the time 815 rolled around.



Happy hour on the deck

The ship had 2 fine dining restaurants and Alex chose the less formal of the two because he thought I would enjoy the menu better. He was right! I had the most delicious filet mignon stuffed with lobster and spinach. It was seriously so awesome. Sadly for Alex, his entree was not as good as mine but he was a good sport about it. He got a seafood boil but it didn’t have much flavor. Maybe I’m bias but I don’t think anywhere prepares seafood as well as MD! It was still a delicious dinner with creme brulee for dessert!!



The next day we had kind of crappy weather, it was overcast all day. But we spent our day exploring the different areas of the ship and buying souvenirs. It was such a neat ship, it felt like being on a real cruise! It was cool because Alex has never been on a cruise before so he kind of got the feel for it. (I can’t even imagine what the Oasis of the Seas looks like next to this ship!) We had such an awesome night and 2 days together. It is great to explore all different parts of Cali near and far. We loved Long Beach! The people were so friendly and really felt like a true beach town. I was thrilled with his surprise destination for our 1 year!


I can absolutely, positively say that this past year has been the best of my life. I am so blessed to have Alex in my life. I now know what true love is and he makes me feel complete. I am so lucky to have such a great guy, they seem so hard to come by these days! I am a better person because of him. I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for us! ❤