Monthly Archives: July 2013

Best Vacation Ever!

I never thought that a vacation to Maryland would be the best one of
my life! But this past month I spent at home was so awesome! It
cwouldn’t have started off any better. It’s been 4 years, so it was
cruisin time again!! We had such a blast but we prefer Carnival to
Royal Carribean. Or maybe The Oasis of the Seas was just a little too
snooty for us! It is so awesome to have no access to the real world. I
loved not having emails, internet, phones, it is so freeing! It is fun
to see how you can walk around the ship and still meet up with people
you know without even sending a text or making a phone call. The ship
was soo huge, I definitely didn’t think that was going to happen! My
second favorite part is seeing my family members all day every day for
a week straight! I was so so happy. 🙂


After I got home from the cruise I was able to spend the rest of my
time in OC and Baltimore. I felt like I was so busy the whole time I
was home. I got to see pretty much everyone once, but I really didn’t
hang out with anyone more than once which was kind of a bummer. On my
last night I went to my cousin’s wedding and it was so awesome to
spend the end of my MD vacation with the Whitty’s. I love hanging out
with my family and that is most definitely the hardest part about
being in California.


Leaving Baltimore was extremely depressing, but on the day of travel
back to Cali, I wasn’t as sad as I thought I was going to be. I guess
there are 2 major upsides to being here: 1- Alex, 2- I’ll be getting a
pay check again. After having a month off I realized that I really
don’t think I would get bored if I never had to work again. I wish I
could take a 1 month vacation after every 3 months of working. That
would be the best thing ever. Hey, a girl can dream, right?!


Hope every one has a great week! I have a lot of California adventures planned for August, so check back!