Lazy Days




Hello everyone! I think the best way to describe my life recently is lazy. So I really don’t have any exciting updates for you this week when it comes to California adventures. Alex and I depleted our bank accounts on all the activities from last week so this is welcomed for both of us. A few more things have been adding to the laziness, the weather and the upcoming celebrations in my life. It’s been in the 60’s and quite gloomy this past week. I really don’t have much motivation to get out of the house when the weather is not nice. (flashback to Baltimore winter days when NOTHING could tear me out of bed.) I’m much better about that here, though! I at least get out of bed to do some cooking, cleaning and to play a little pool with the roomies. In addition, I have Alex, my mom, my brother and my brother-in-law’s bdays coming up and fathers day! I have been doing a lot of online shopping for presents so I am pinching the pennies when it comes to going out drinking and doing crazy things. I have really been enjoying this lazy time though, I feel like I have been nothing but go go go since I got to California.


Anyway, on to what I DID do on these past few days off. I was able to bring some pinterest/blog recipes to life. (Yay for training to be a better housewife! haha) I told you I was going to attempt fish tacos.. they were a flop in my book. Alex and Tom said that they liked them, although I was never convinced. Alex is ALWAYS honest about what I cook so I guess I should believe that he liked them. The best thing about the tacos was the discovery of baja cream sauce, which I found over at She insists that you must have this sauce with any fish or shrimp tacos, I concur. The second good thing was making a radish, onion and mango “slaw” to put on top the fish tacos. I used the previously listed ingredients and added lime juice, salt and pepper. Basically the toppings were awesome and I ended up just making a taco of toppings.


I had bad feelings about the fish from the start. Initially we wanted mahi but Whole Foods didn’t have it so I settled for rock fish. (bad choice) The fish really didn’t look that good and when I got it home I discovered bones in it!! Thankfully I discovered that before cooking them. Between the bones and my hands smelling like fish all day I was already turned off by the fish tacos before even cooking them, they really didn’t stand a chance with me. As it turns out, they tasted very fishy after they were cooked and I had one bite and couldn’t eat any more. Alex always tells me that cooking is a learning experience and he is right, I will definitely be using my toppings again and I will reattempt the fish for tacos.. one day. I’m quite turned off by fish for the moment.


My second culinary endeavor for the week was cauliflower crust pizza! I didn’t believe anyone who said this stuff was good but, they were right! I have been trying to make a conscious effort to eat better recently, so finding healthy alternatives to foods that I’m not willing to give up, is always a good thing! Alex isn’t so welcoming to the addition of new and healthy foods to his diet so when he said “this is awesome” and “there is no bread in this?!” I knew it was really good. I used a combination of recipes but here is paula deen’s recipe. It turned out that the way we prepared them really wasn’t that healthy, but I think still better than dough crust. The crust has a lot of cheese in it and we topped it with 2 kinds of cheese. Next time I will attempt a different crust recipe I found that doesn’t have cheese in it to keep it a little more healthy! The crust was pretty simple to make and it’s fun to add all your favorite toppings. Alex and I wanted to have buffalo chicken pizza so we used chicken marinated in tessemaes hot sauce, spinach, bell peppers, onions and blue cheese. YUMMY!
20130613-021502.jpg “Dough” before it was formed
20130613-021455.jpg pizza crust formation
20130613-021509.jpg half eaten finished product


In other news, I am going to extend my contract at my hospital for 1 whole week! The manager said she will let me know closer to my return date if the unit needs me for another 3 months (or more.) So I am keeping my fingers crossed in the mean time. I feel comfortable at this hospital and actually really like it now so I’m hoping to be able to come back. And yanno, job security is always a good feeling.


I will be home in exactly ONE WEEK! I am like a kid around Christmas time. I am so hyper and absolutely can not wait to get home. I have never been more excited to come to Baltimore. Also, last night at work I was looking up all kinds of stuff about our cruise ship and I am suddenly extremely ecstatic about that too! Up until now the excitement hasn’t really hit me. I got to thinking about memories from the past 2 cruises and now I am pumped! On that front, I desperately need a good vacation book to read! Please comment with any recommendations. I haven’t been really into a book in a long time and I miss it!


Finally, I got some reallly, REALLY exciting news 2 days ago that I can not share with you just yet. But if you stay tuned I will be making an announcement eventually!


Life is so good right now, and I am so happy!
Have a great Thursday!!




One thought on “Lazy Days

  1. 4loveofcarrots

    Next time you make fish tacos you should try tilapia. We use that when we can’t get mahi. I have indifferent feelings about fish tacos, Jeff seems to like them and I think the texture or something throws me off. We use soft shells and I feel like it might be better to use hard? Also I need to make this cauliflower pizza, I hear its awesome! Can’t wait to hear ur exciting news!


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